World Lit- Genesis

-Genesis is a very significant Hebrew text

-God is the only “action” figure: all-powerful (knows all)

-Why can people defy this all-powerful being? Free-will

-correlation with equal relationship (controlling relationship is no fun)

-Humans are wired to test boundaries

-the word “day” is used loosely (God did not create the world in seven 24 hour intervals

-when he made humans it was not just “good” but “very good”

-Adam and Eve were vegetarians (did not have to hunt before sin)

-the tree of knowledge is the one thing they cannot have… and they want it instantly (human nature: test boundaries)

-use of the name serpent (not snake, not Satan)

-Eve restates that God told them they could not have the fruit from the tree of knowledge, but is tempted by the serpent and eats it anyways

-Mrs. Beasley said it would be important to look over the quote with the serpent on page 55 for a comparison with Popol Vuh

-Eve does not trick Adam and he willingly eats it

-Why did God ask where they were if he is all-knowing?

-to give them a chance as parents do (who took the last cookie?)

-“who told you that you were naked?”

-Adam and Eve were busted by God


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