MGMT 4/11

Chapter 14 Continued

Path-Goal Theory

  • leaders can increase subordinate satisfaction and performance by clarifying and clearing the paths to goals and by increasing the number and kinds of rewards available for goal attainment

4 leadership styles in Path-Goal

  • supportive: friendly and approachable
  • Directive: clarifying expectations and deadlines
  • Achievement-Oriented: setting challenging goals
  • Participative: allowing input on decisions

Leading Change

  • Transactional Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership (better in leading changes)

Transactional Leadership

  • Clarify the role and task requirements of subordinates
  • initiate structure
  • provide appropriate rewards
  • display consideration for subordinates

Transformational Leadership

  • Generates awareness and acceptance of group’s purpose and mission
  • get followers to accomplish more than they intended or thought possible

Leadership at McDonalds and P.F. Changs

  • Where does the leadership at McDonald’s fall on the Leadership Grid?
  • Describe some of Rick Federico’s personal traits:
  • Would you characterize Rick as transactional or transformational leader?

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