MGMT 2/27

Movie: Gung Ho… Focus on cultural differences

  • they are more serious; cut straight to the chase
  • streets are busy in Japan, no kids playing around
  • take their shoes off on carpet
  • management training program for failing managers
  • there is no sarcasm or metaphors
  • they are not use to people questioning authority
  • “no music, no cigar, just work”
  • “there is one way to run the factory… one way”
  • they want zero percent defects
  • work cannot suffer for personal purposes
  • go for accuracy rather than distance
  • focus more on technique and strategy; not much human relations
  • Japanese follow the rules stringently
  • women have no place in business
  • Americans put themselves above company
  • power distance: the Japanese managers do not mingle with the line workers; other workers cannot sit down until the boss does
  • Individualism: no sense of individualism (there is only one way)
  • Masculinity:
  • Femininity: do not let them leave


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