Management 2/6

Tactical goals: goals that define the outcomes that major divisions and departments must achieve (****middle managers****)
Tactical Plans: specify hoe to use resources to accomplish tactical goals (6 months-2 years)
Most widely used Tactical Plan? ***Management by Objectives*** (MBO); it is based on goals, participation and feedback
Probability of success for MBO? 97%
Model of the MBO: (circular and repeats every year)
1. Set goals (hardest one)
-corporate strategic goals
-departmental goals
-individual goals
2. Develop Action Plans
3. Review Progress
-take corrective action
4. Appraise Performance
-Appraise overall performance
Setting Goals:
~Action Plan lists:
Specific steps (how)
People (who)
Resources (what)
Time Period (when)
Operational Goals: the results expected from functional units, work groups, and individuals
Operational Plans: Day-to-day plans for producing or delivering products and services over a 30-day to 6 month period
Kinds of Operational Plans?
Single-use plans: plans that cover unique, one-time-only events (programs and projects)
Standing Plans: plans used repeatedly to handle frequently recurring events (policies, rules, and procedures)


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