Principles 2/1

Caterpillar questions
– employee values should be consistent in order to keep everyone motivated
– provide better goods through a better internal environment… the slogan, “today’s work tomorrow’s world”/raise expectations of consumers and competitors
– commitment, responsibility, integrity, cooperation, trust

Chapter 5: Planning and Decision Making

Planning: defining goals and ways to achieve them
Goals & Plans
– goal: an organization’s desired future state
– plan: a blueprint for attaining goals
– planning combines the concepts of goals and plans
-determining the organization’s goals
-defining the means for achieving them
Planning from top to bottom:
-Vision (top managers)
-Mission (top managers)
-Tactical MBO: management by objective (middle managers)
-Operational, Standing, Single-Use (first-level managers)
***Office managers are a good example of 1st-level managers***
Strategic goals: where the organization wants to be in the future (set by top managers)
Strategic plans: action steps used to attain strategic goals
-blueprint: organizational activities and resource allocations
-tend to be long term (2 to 5 years)
Tactical plans are about 6 months
Operational plans are about 30 days
Vision: a statement of a company’s purpose or reason for existing (brief, about 2 sentences)
Mission: overall goal that unifies efforts toward its vision


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