World Literature 1/27 Popol Vuh

attempts of creation:

  1. animals (had no speech, could not praise gods)
  2. mud people (could not do anything of worth for the gods)
  3. wood (burned, flooded, and rest turned into monkeys… possible evolution?)

this shows that the gods were not perfect because they:

  • worry
  • disagree
  • fall short

Authors of this book are anonymous because the Spanish would have killed them for trying to preserve the culture

The gods made there successful attempt of humans on the fourth try

  • they used corn; corn was the staple for the diet and very significant to the culture
  • the people first knew everything and saw everything
    • they were too much like gods
  • the gods dampened their knowledge and sight to prevent them from being too powerful
  • the corn people gave the gods praise
  • once the gods realized they were good, the corn people received wives

The twin fathers: they die and come back (numerous times)

  • they test mortality
  • they are finally defeated
  • One Hunahpu’s head brings life to the tree
    • ***the Blood Woman is tempted by the tree, even though she was forbidden***
    • One Hunahpu’s head spits on her and she conceives the twins
  • One Hunahpu is not fully killed as long as he has a son to carry his name (very cultural)

The “trickster” twins

  • take down Seven Macaw
    • shoot out his beautiful jewel teeth
    • he was attractive through his teeth, and so he lost all vanity with beauty
  • colors were significant (such as the blue and green feathers)
  • old people retained wisdom ( faked having grandparents because the old get respect)
  • they bring down vanity

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