World Lit 1/23


Today for a good portion of the class, we watched the Hamlet clip. These are the notes that followed…

“the First Murder” (pg56)

  • sacrifice was expected by God
  • some things are given willingly (Abel), and other things, not so much (Cain)
  • Abel gives the best sacrifice he has to offer
  • Cain gives as well… just not the best
  • Lord has respect for Abel’s gift, no respect for Cain’s gift
  • best v. obligatory
  • things done by choice are usually received better
  • God knows the heart of the givers
  • God asks, “where is Abel?”

-opportunity to confess (redemption)

-God doles out necessary punishment

-makes Cain leave (nomad) not to be killed

-living is sometimes more painful (connection w/ Rostam?)


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