Micro 2106 Day 1

Today was a pretty jovial class and will most likely be the case in classes to follow. The keys points that need to be taken from class today are:

  • Attend each class to grasp the material
  • Thursday will be quiz day
  • Read the articles assigned
  • being able to pull positive (aka testable) and normative (opinionated) statements from the readings as they will be on the quizzes

First Reading

The Abortion Article discusses the cause and effect that abortion had on crime rates. When abortion was legalized, 15-25 years later (the age that the delinquent would be) there were fewer crimes due to a drop in the population prone to criminal activities

Positive Statements

  1. the sharp rise in legal abortions–from fewer than 750,000 in 1973 to a plateau of around 1.5 million a year since the early 1980s… (fact proven with numbers)
  2. crime rate continued to fall through 1998 and is projected to keep falling for a further 10 to 20 years… (again #s)
  3. those with the highest rates of abortion in the 1970s experienced the sharpest drops in crime in the 1990s… (although not proven here, we have reason to believe that there is data to support this)
Normative Statements
  1. The idea is that the children who were not born would have been disproportionately likely to grow up in poverty and on welfare with a young and poorly educated single parent… (any sentence with the words “idea” or “ought” are normative)
  2. Apparently, abortion particularly weeded out the children who would have been likely to follow criminal careers… (apparently can be seen as a reason for doubt, therefore, it is not justified through numbers or concrete facts)
  3. would probably not moderate the views of pro-lifers, who view abortion as murder… (probability leads to the assumption that there is another answer)
These are some that I have found, if you have any comments or want to share more, just comment below!

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