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Ease of Transferring Information

Today I started my first Pages document. Although it may seem to be a very basic task, this opened up a new world for me. I am now able to carry one computer around and be assured that I can email a document to myself and the product stay (relatively) the same. With this information and technology, it will be easier to keep you (my classmates) in the loop without any unneeded filter processes that would prevent me from getting information to you in a timely manner. I look forward to starting this semester with each one of you and I hope that your breaks have been more than splendid.


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Hello GCSU students

Coming very soon, I will begin posting about school topics. Why on Earth would anyone put themselves through that? Simple, I need a way to keep up with my work and I need to understand the concepts before I can try to tell you why it is relevant. Also, it will keep you, my fellow classmates, on top of our lectures and hopefully help you to understand it in a more clear light. If I fall down on my part, call me out on it, this will help both you and I in these upcoming classes. For now, have an excellent winter break!

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